True Celebrities

I had to share. I had to remind myself and those that I am surrounded with. I had to reiterate to all those I look up to. I just had to. This particular experience of mine dealing with those who call themselves celebrities is worth a satirical propound. And this is a first hand depiction of the charlatans who are often put on a certain pedestal that is unnecessary and unfounded.

For those who are truly service oriented need no recognition, or evidences or any huge words of praise. They just continue to give back to the community their best, quietly, subtly and without pomp. But these camera savvy, publicity hungry, holy grails of deceit, and epitomes of pretence have mastered the art of inanity with quite the dexterity of the genuine. I’m in awe of how well they probably sleep at night living the life that is full of nothing but pretence.

I had a brief stint with two such ass wipes. One who would grace any occasion, only if there are no empty seats in the room and they could be surrounded by a mob brought together to show are thronging for them. The demands were insane and inhuman especially towards people like me who have not had the honor of running into such for the last 22 years. At times I felt pity for their entitled butts and how they’d fail making a penny on their own.

Their sidekicks were no better. While one wanted their commands to be fulfilled at lightening speed, the other wanted me to extend certain business courtesies in person and in his hotel room. They also expected some of us assigned to them, to stand up in revernace when these bimbo-himbos walked into the room. A practice which I’ve limited to three as I stand in my life: my motherland, my work land which I call home and my mother who gave birth to me.

Not to say there were not those who wanted to cater to the whims and fancies of these good-for-nothing creatures. What stunned me was their manipulative abilities, wasting of resources, thousands of dollars which were not theirs, and the chameleonic transformations on and off media presence. I don’t even know where to begin about their arrogance and inhumaneness towards anyone that looked beanth them and of all places in the world in United States.

Even though social stratification is unheard of here, these pillocks seem to think it is quite okay to vandalize the systems that exists in this country for a reason. For all those that are curious on exactly what those references are, I’m sure many of us that were involved would be happy to entertain and take the purdah off any zealot who’s idolized these twits. At this point in my life, I am just unable to stop harping on how they could come to another country and stoop so low.

A dear friend who was catering to another dimwit apparently got yelled at and was called a liar. Just because they were trying to coordinate to the best they can but when you have thousands of people involved, chaos is bound to happen. And just because this wannabe is the cousin of a yesteryear beauty queen practically means nothing. Infact she should be glad that my friend didn’t call the cops on her for creating nuisance in a public place.

Everyone that is reading my quip, that had to work through life on their own, please look yourself in the mirror and gush about yourself in greatest pride. For those venture capitalists, writers, published poets, entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, beauty queens or anyone that has in their way made a niche in this country, in a land so alien but ours more than ours ever was. Yet, remained to stay humble and kind. We are true celebrities and we shouldn’t need any other.

Published by Quotidian Blessing

InfoSec Director|WIT Mentor-Protege Vice Chair|ATA Convention Women's Forum Chair|Published Poet

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