Covidite – The COVID Erudite

Note: This has been written with certain sarcasm that is neither meant to be derogatory nor undermining the gravity of the situation. Rest is reader’s imagination. ____>>>>>>>_______ For ages, we conveniently spent generations spreading awareness and planning for the unknown that we forgot to live. When it was time to create relevance we had noContinue reading “Covidite – The COVID Erudite”

INGLISH (Indian English)

When I came to the US, my desi-ism (Inglish – Indian English) was far more evident. Progressively, I’ve gotten to hide it well. Now, there is no shame despite the teasing from my ‘Merican friends. And I’ve come to loving my lingual idiosyncrasies. In the end I’ve just become a hilarious concoction of brains andContinue reading “INGLISH (Indian English)”

Rendezvous with Deepika Padukone

I was not a fan. Not that I am now. But what amazing hosts Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh were. This was the most guarded secret of my life; having celebrities in first degree of separation. Because no one would believe me anyway. I’ve always heard them to be very plastic, some feel that theyContinue reading “Rendezvous with Deepika Padukone”