Beautiful Mind

I was a beautiful mindLike a clean white canvasWhen I opened my heartAnd let everyone in thereEveryone took their placeSome drew clear blue skiesFlowers, trees and mountainsThen there were someWho didn’t know what to doBesides scribbles and linesIn all of this mute brouhahaNone asked me what I wantLoneliness was my only friendDespite the clamor allContinue reading “Beautiful Mind”

Towards Personal and Professional Resiliency

Our hearts are heavy these days. Yet, there is that small voice in us that are witnessing and contributing to history telling us to “advance despite adversity”. Lately my 80-year old mother and I have been reflecting on how she (who is stuck in India) and I, can be prepared despite the distance. Having learnedContinue reading “Towards Personal and Professional Resiliency”

Mind Mapping the Next Steps

Picture Courtesy: Working from home has not been easy. Don’t misunderstand me – I am extremely grateful to have a job. Over the last 10 weeks, a lot of us have learned to make the best of the situation, connect with people, help those that need and stay positive. The last Women in TechnologyContinue reading “Mind Mapping the Next Steps”