Truths of my Imagination

Writers are mysterious. Here are some to help you better understand me and my breed.

1. It is almost certain that my existence as a person had curtailed since I started publishing. Now people think they know me too well but sadly it is my writing.

2. I don’t have to steal or adapt verbiage from other writers and go through the pain of putting them in double quotes or pretending to pass them off as my own

3. The struggle to write my own is real. Especially, I don’t have the ease of taking excerpts from obituaries, articles or lesser known writers. Because I know it is called plagiarism.

4. Be nice to me (not the writer in me). Otherwise I’m going to write about you some day. I may not write your name, but there will be indications and clues for the readers pointing to you (wink wink). The best part is, you cannot sue me.

5. Constructive criticism is always welcome but if you make benign statements, my writing ghost will come back and haunt you.

6. Don’t feel bad for my husband. He is not living with an eccentric, stuck up, hyper ventilating bitch. I happen to double up as his chef, cleaning lady, personal assistant and home jester. So, he is having a grand life that you refuse to see.

7. I have a very different way of grieving. I don’t sob or confide. But somehow a sense of talking and writing myself out of that grief happens. Feel free to judge at your own risk.

8. Don’t mistake my props are always the individuals that are in my life. Or better yet, if I am using my family as props, don’t take it personally. I promise it is absolutely for better good of humanity.

9. To be told to be positive is an insult. I am a better writer because of the gamete of emotions, negativity, frustrations and angst. Doesn’t mean I am crazy. I am just realistic. Also, if every one wrote on positivity what would the human saints or the evolved do?

10. If you’ve hurt me in the past or we don’t talk to each other anymore, don’t feel left out. You are the muse of my many writings.

11. I am a hopeless romantic and if you must know, the poems are never about the husband. If you think you are ready to start a rumor, please start with George Clooney and then Brad Pitt. The older they get, it is getting harder to just pick one.

12. Like they say, just because I am writing something doesn’t mean I am going through it. My private is really private.

13. Through my writing I am not trying to be more misfit than I am already. I merely pick an emotion that resonates with me. It’s that simple.

14. No matter what, I will always support women and the underdog in my writing. No, I’m not a man hater. That is just my personal preference; just like your moms see you jacka**es do no wrong.

15. Lastly, I am not delusional yet. I’d like you to think I am because I love some good social experiment. Whether you are my subject or I’m yours, time will tell.

16. I write for myself and the 0.1%. The thought ‘what people will think about me’ never crosses my mind. It is okay for me to judged.

Published by Quotidian Blessing

InfoSec Director|WIT Mentor-Protege Vice Chair|ATA Convention Women's Forum Chair|Published Poet

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