Dil Bechara – A personal tribute

Not a single day went by since June 14th, wondering what would have happened in that beautiful mind. With the uproar going on, some seem sincerely trying to get to the bottom of what must’ve transpired to some cashing out on opportunity. But what must’ve been a remarkable movie to his fans; a middling oneContinue reading “Dil Bechara – A personal tribute”

I am an Ally

I refuse to call it ignorance especially when medical professionals are involved. I wasn’t married at that time but nothing has changed with my personality since then really except whatever I had probably had heightened. I had gone to a third cousin’s spouse’s second cousin’s daughter’s house warning ceremony. Yes, we Indians have an extendedContinue reading “I am an Ally”

What makes me weird yet awesome

Weird is simply the side effect of being awesome. Ever since lockdown has happened, I’ve realized two things. First I am absolutely weird and second, that is what makes me awesome. The world around me has gone from being ridiculous to being more ridiculous. And my coping methods although novel, landed me on the wrongContinue reading “What makes me weird yet awesome”