What a Shame

I stumbled upon the LCPS Action Plan to Combat Systemic Racism dated June 23, 2020. The ‘LCPS Action Plans to Combat Systemic Racism’ have been laid out in 29 slides with key goals being, Academic Progress, Access and Opportunity, Relationships and Culture, and Closing Gaps. While I understand the intent of eliminating racial inequity spawned from deplorableContinue reading “What a Shame”

Dear Barkha – Write for Yourself

This is an overdue retort to the September 11, 2020 at 7:07 p.m. EDT in the Washington Post – Rhea Chakraborty’s saga is a lesson in how India loves to hate women. I’ve personally admired you since dreaming of being journalist myself but could not, because my parents and I were not as insatiable asContinue reading “Dear Barkha – Write for Yourself”

Misguided Ideologies in School System?

I was dismayed and dejected at a story that a friend’s child told me recently. Having emigrated from India at the tender age of five, it was an adjustment of kinds with the ethos, dialectal, new syllabus and pedagogy. The parents worked hard to give their child a respectable learning experience along with making itContinue reading “Misguided Ideologies in School System?”

3-months without #SSR

It has been three months. That Sunday, 5am EST was outrageous and heart-wrenching in many ways comprehendible. There were pictures of our dear SSR, lifeless, and that were put on the web, tagged as suicide perhaps within minutes of his untimely and unnatural demise. Such was the power of PR machinery that they did notContinue reading “3-months without #SSR”

Fangirl Jiffies for #SSR

I must admit at the onset of this write-up that I am very ashamed of having immeasurable fangirl jiffies for SSR especially after his demise. Because, I never thought that what people called mediocrity of acting would be cut short as I was used to seeing it in such mundane affection. That guy had becomeContinue reading “Fangirl Jiffies for #SSR”