We raise Parents!

(Note: This is a long post about raising parents and not a fallacious writing. If you don’t care, don’t read.)

While we girls were out for some catching up, we left two of our moms together. Along with the customary chatter, we talked about raising parents. I take great pride in knowing that I am around amazing individuals who’ve put the comforts of their parents before anything else. It is impossible paying back in any kind what our parents have done for us. The least we could do is ensure they are doing okay when they’re back home. We are at that age where responsibilities have reversed.
The two at home talked about the hurdles that they faced raising us up; mine raised one while the other raised three who are strong independent, successful and virtuous women. When we went back from our outing, we did a retrospective of sorts – a legacy of wisdom passed on from strong women. Apologies to those who are deprived of this privilege due to unsual circumstances.
It is not worth wasting words, energy and emotion on people who don’t deserve it. Ungrateful people will alway be that way and feel even more entitled to your services. There is no honor in serving them. Infact, such are found mostly amongst near and dear. Those people will say the sweetest things but will backstab. Our moms have been there, done that and would hate us to repeat history.
Shame on those kids or grandkids who chide their parents/ grandparents. Regardless of how naive or ignorant they are, making them feel important is of utmost importance. No matter how irrelvant they might sound, they deserve respect and nothing less. Just because you are taking care of them, it doesn’t give you the authority to intimidate them. Grandkids, sometimes become nonchalant- teach them some love towards their grandparents.
Blessed are those whose parents are alive. And if you have not noticed they are not in the same health like they were 10 years ago, it’s time you reset your priorities. They’re fragile, doubtful about themselves and need extra care. Take the proper insurance when they visit you, make sure you take care of them like you would your own toddler. Some parents are not willing at all like ours, still, don’t ever give up on them. They might be annoying to you now, don’t regret after they’re gone.
It is indeed a pity that some for lack of financial and social independence cannot take care of their parents and have to resort to putting them through hell. I cannot imagine what those parents must be going through. My heart goes out to them and I wish their kids go through some good change that will give their parents a deserving last walk. “If your parents cared for you, care for them. Even if they didn’t care for you, if you have the opportunity to do so, care for them. One day you will be older. Once again, unable to take care of yourself. What goes around, comes back around “. #quotidianblessing

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