First Mammogram

This is not a poem or a pretty pictures post. I am absolutely well; mentally especially and physically too and just want to share awareness. So, all the humility saviors, desi and non-desi can most certainly avoid this!!

For some of us life kick-starts earlier than it should. I’ve lived with over confidence as if my body is a bullet proof hummer that can take any sort of beating. And for those years I’ve treated my body like trash can, I cannot imagine the damage I’ve caused. I think I am invincible because I work out, eat healthy and try to have a good lifestyle.

When a regular annual turned into something more unanticipating it hit me. Such was an order for a mammogram. (I don’t have to go over the details, you might as well read the graphic). Covered in 6 yards of sheer awesomeness, wearing a stunning dress does not nearly define what’s happening inside. Yet, I skipped these important events and focused more on parties, nebulous banter, and even preferred writing a poem instead of scheduling doctor visits. Minute something uncovered during one of these neglected visits led to my life becoming utterly unbalanced in matter of seconds just by the mere description of what was upcoming.

All is be fine but DON’T BE ME! My mom’s never had a mammogram and I’m coaxing her relentlessly since. We must not neglect, what we feel, are just checks off the box, whether be dental health, getting stress tests for your heart, getting that small dot checked on your skin, making sure the itch in your throat is not more than it seems, that the fatigue is just tiredness, the pale eye are not iron deficiency, the aching of the right shoulder is not angina pectoris, simply ensuring we address the little things we tend to ignore and not doing things beyond our capabilities. 30, 40, 50 or more, it does not matter. Some apply more than for another.

Life is beautiful but we must take some effort to make it so. Sometimes it won’t go as planned but that’s okay, because we tried. Sometimes we just have to make better choices. Live, love and laugh and add lifestyle to it. Health is the real wealth, not the ones we amassed but the one that resides inside of us. #quotidianblessing

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InfoSec Director|WIT Mentor-Protege Vice Chair|ATA Convention Women's Forum Chair|Published Poet

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