Shape of my Mind

I was born ugly you said
And wished that I was dead
Unworthy parents I was told
Who couldn’t even onto me hold
When you suspected my chastity
Doubted my childish sanctity
To all those who were unkind
You changed the shape of my mind

I wasn’t the one you could show
And made sure I would also know
The heart of innocence was bruised
There were promises misused
For the hurt and the agony
That turned me into a catastrophe
To all whose ego got them blind
You changed the shape of my mind

I didn’t want to reach for the stars
And in this world make memoirs
Nothing I wished for ever came true
Whoever I called family were few
The intolerance made me go awry
For myself at times, I felt so sorry
To all my assassins I left behind
You changed the shape of my mind

Published by Quotidian Blessing

InfoSec Director|WIT Mentor-Protege Vice Chair|ATA Convention Women's Forum Chair|Published Poet

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