Good Newwz

It took me a while to write this post having watched the movie last year. Good Newwz is a step in the right direction presenting this sensitive topic albeit humorously. Hats-off to Akshay Kumar for always driving message oriented movies; to his amazing supporting cast, the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor Khan and Kiara Advani, and very vibrant Diljeet Dosanjh who made it a meaningful, considerate and a heart-warming movie. Finally, the makers in Bollywood had the courage to touch subjects related to the “spam” and the “eggs” instead of gyrating endlessly around trees and sand dunes. The movie reflected a lot of common sentiments but here are my absolute favorites.
1. People who are “trying” are always trying. And the women are very shamelessly holding sticks dipped in their pee to track ovulation time, this time and that time. Now, if you guys want to go for happy hours, be assured to be asked to come home asap.
2. When you want to show up to the couple’s home, please call them ahead of time. Because if they are “trying” and you ring their door bell; they won’t open. It is not you, it is always them.
3. When you want to stay over at their place, the best way to do it, is to find alternate accommodation. The wife would like to be poked in private and she absolutely needs that space. IUI or IVF are very painful and better done in solitude. As far as the men are concerned, no one cares.
4. Please do not suggest adoption. Because even folks with good swimmers and egg reserves have had that choice. So cut the crap and support them. Otherwise just shut up. No one needs that advise because adoption is a personal choice whether honorable or not
5. Unless the couple is Amal or George Clooney, be aware that they are spending a lot of money, probably digging into their savings. So, if you are tempted to pull them into a lucrative investment, don’t bother.
6. IUI / IVF, Donor egg, Surrogacy are very expensive propositions. Even the doctor offices don’t provide complete information because it has become a thriving business. If you must probe, help them with research; don’t inundate them with overwhelming questions.
7. There is a difference between primary and secondary infertilities. People who have a child but are struggling to have a second one, kindly don’t count yourself in for pity’s sake. There are folks who are struggling to have one live-birth.
8. “Remember, they are trying and trying hard in all possible ways. Sometimes, it doesn’t ever happen. Love them for who they are, even if you have to pretend.
9. “You should’ve focused on family, instead of career,.” Well, how would you as an outsider ever know why they don’t have kids or decided to not to before making the current decision
10. If you ever assume that having them around your full family picture is going to bring you bad luck or your child will fall sick; do them a favor and stay away from them. Because they need positive vibes and not people like you. Infertility is not contagious.

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