Keys in the Toilet

Two days ago, something happened that never happened before.


That instance gave me the flashing reminder that I used to laugh at people that shared about dropping their keys in the toilet. Without going into much details on what, how, when; I took that opportune moment to swallow my pride, my great humility and put my hand in the toilet to retrieve them.

In the few longest seconds of thought where I went from ‘oh shit, what do I do’, to ‘thank god no one saw this’, to why picking up my keys felt like the utmost priority in my life at that exact instance. In those few seconds, I was nudged about the demise of a ‘friendship’ or whatever you call people who are in the same social circle because of fictitious events.

I grabbed the keys and did the cleansing that no one could possibly imagine. It must’ve been long because people started checking in on me assuming I am in for the long haul (sorry tmi but I was not). After I satisfactorily completed my disinfecting ritual, there is one lesson I learned instantly.

Some things in life are absolutely worth salvaging like my keys but some relationships and situations are not.

Now that I shared this glorious adventure in writing, i am going to assume that many people who’ve asked to ride my Jeep would probably stay away from it as long as eternity lasts.

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InfoSec Director|WIT Mentor-Protege Vice Chair|ATA Convention Women's Forum Chair|Published Poet

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