There were times dark of decisions
When words made the deepest incisions
Forgive me if I let my revenge grow
Because I am not clear as the snow!

There were moments of relentless grudge
When loved ones did a dirt smudge
Forgive me if I become not the one you know
Because I am not pure as the snow!

There were junctures of my ripped probity
When I was bestowed with venality
Forgive me if towards world I disgust show
Because I am not untainted as the snow!

There were those who cut my head off
When their low they couldn’t quaff
Forgive me if I treat you like a foe
Because I am not chaste as the snow!

There were hours of immense need
When my dreams were mixed up with greed
Forgive me if I ignore your chateau
Because I am not righteous as the snow!

It’s time…


I was your hope, when there was none
I stood by you, when all was done
Yet you took the liberty to hurt me
May be because I was free!

I was your happiness, when there was none
I made you smile when there was no fun
Yet you did not hesitate to kill my soul
May be I was never your goal!

I was your peace, when there was none
I helped you be calm when you were a shun
Yet you always returned me pain
May be I was of no gain!

I was your freedom, when there was none
I kept your secrets even when they were pun
Yet you always wanted me gone
May be I was worthless alone!

I was your love, when there was none
I gave you life when you wanted to run
Yet you always left me to fate and destiny
May be it is time you forever lost me!!

You complete me

If there could be heaven on earth
I don’t know how that would be
My world is a paradise
Because you complete me

If I were anymore beautiful
I don’t know how that would be
My mirrors say that I indeed am
Because you complete me

If success were to be at my feet
I don’t know how that would be
Failure stays far, far away
Because you complete me

If I were rich and famous
I don’t know how that would be
I feel like the most luckiest girl
Because you complete me

If I had all that I ever wanted
I don’t know how that would be
Life is always at its best
Because you complete me

If wishes were horses
I don’t know how that would be
Every dream of mine is fulfilled
Because you complete me

Because of you…


Life, I was told is always tragic
And seldom there is any magic
Yet, you happened to me in an odd way
Because of you I live today!

Trust, I was told was the act of weak
And that return favors are just bleak
Yet, you gave me the courage to dare
Because of you, I learned to care!

Laugher, I was told was a nuisance
And it never happiness’ real essence
Yet, you created my widest smile
Because of you, I enjoy every while!

Truth, I was told never brings any luck
And with panic and dread you’re stuck
Yet, you taught the purity of thought
Because of you I am never distraught!

Love, I was told is the reason for misery
And it leaves you scary and teary
Yet, you made me the best memories
Because of you everything is bliss!

(Title inspired by Kelly Clarkson’s, “Because of you”)



I, the fool who rushes in
And does not ever win
Then I cry that it hurts
But it never comes with an alert

I, the eternal optimist
Wants you to always insist
Be the first to make a move
And your affection to prove

I, the hopeless romantic
In your absence becomes frantic
Then I pine to see you
For those precious moments few

I, forever waiting in vain
The distance is indeed a pain
And want to be near you
So I can prove my love is true!!



What do I say about you today
That I don’t say everyday
You are sunshine of my tomorrow
But it is filled with deep sorrow
There is always three of us
And the other gives you most bliss.

You say you are my soul mate
But I never seem to fight fate
The world sees the time of our lives
None see our agony and strives
There are cheers when you get high
Hope they realize why everyday you die.

I cannot forget the smiles
That I fell in love from miles
You are around but I miss you
The few minutes I don’t feel new
You are the center of my life
But I am a widow, not a wife.

I want to get old with you
But apart we always grew
Nights turn into worst fear
I worry when you are not near
To happiness, you don’t belong
Sadly, I write your eulogy all long……

Bullied and Stronger


You made me hide and cry
And I did not know why
I yearned to feel wanted
But was bullied and taunted
Yet, I survived each day
And kept ‘ill-wishers’ at bay

You called me a weasel
And said I was pure evil
I wanted to feel loved
But was bullied and shoved
Yet, I tried to be beautiful
So I am to my soul truthful

You said I was a pathetic liar
And wanted me to be on a pyre
I wanted to feel ‘baroqued’
But was demeaned and provoked
Yet, I kept myself in cheers
And distanced all my fears

You preached I was immoral
And wanted me forever so long
I just wanted to be belonged
But was hurt and wronged
Yet, I surpassed all abusing
So, I am a stronger human being!

My heart is filled with you


The way you look at me
Makes me jump in glee
World looks newer than new
Just ’cause my heart is filled with you!

You and your infectious smile
Makes me numb for a mile
The sky looks bluer than blue
Just ’cause my heart is filled with you!

The warmth of your arms around
Lift me off the ground
Those feelings are newer than new
Just ’cause my heart is filled with you!

Your breath clouds my mind
Makes me in love go blind
There is nothing truer than true
Just ’cause my heart is filled with you!

I will rise


You can call me a liar
And in my downfall conspire
You can bury the wails of my cries
Yet like hope, I will rise.

You can inflict pain with your words
And let my pleas go unheard
Against me, make the world despise
Yet like a war hero, I will rise.

You can treat me like dirt
And call me unworthy under my skirt
Making my own self a disguise
Yet, like the sun, I will rise.

You can do the best to break me
And ensure my gaze is never free
Taint and taunt my loved ones
Yet like the ocean waves, I will rise.

You can loathe my beauty
And fail me in my every duty
So every dream in me dies
Yet, like roaring thunder, I will rise.