Senseless Superstitions

I’m often asked why I don’t write in third person which is writing from an outsider point of view, and or by using second person, where I am arbitrarily writing about a ‘you’ and ‘yours’, instead of vilifying my ‘aunts’, ‘uncles’ or ‘cousins’ or ‘relatives’ etc. For those who know me well, I am aContinue reading “Senseless Superstitions”

Investing in the Future

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to judge a PURE Thinkers Public Speaking Competition along with two other prominent professionals. The topic was, “Stereotyping of Women and why it is wrong.” I am still in awe of the boys and girls who participated. It is amazing to see that at that young age, they exhibited moreContinue reading “Investing in the Future”

I Deserve Better

For those who always thought that I am irrational, impaired and emotionally unbalanced, here is your justification. Perhaps, you were dead-on about me. I also realized recently that people who have had disgusting flare-ups at me are unequivocally reasonable. That is because I am worthy of all the animosity, the resentment and anything that thoseContinue reading “I Deserve Better”

“Tuhada Kutta Tommy”

We get what we deserve. It has been deep-rooted in my mind. But what is that an 80-year old world-shattering woman who fought against all odds in her lifetime be worthy of or not. Or what does a 40-year old who belongs to an impermanent generation that got crammed between emerging technologies and age-old traditionsContinue reading ““Tuhada Kutta Tommy””