‘Celebratory Rose Mallow Lei’

To our dearest Suhas, Supriya, on the event of your marriage celebration, Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 on this auspicious morning at 10:14am, with love and affection, adoration and warmth; A tribute in the form of this poetry melody. ——————————————————————————————————– In this generational legacy treasure, epitomized and deckedThe ‘Avaduta’ illustrious progeny in their embellished eminenceDistinguished ‘Ramaiah’,Continue reading “‘Celebratory Rose Mallow Lei’”

Memories – Those Moments, Those Musings

https://youtu.be/sXJpJVt7ps8 In the path of the dreams We went about on the same path Memories are the best companions And desires just sprung again Those days and those nights Recollections of the words Exist only in such memoirs Those moments and those musings Sequestered hearts in deep mayhem Awakened all the past desires ——————-Music ————————Continue reading “Memories – Those Moments, Those Musings”

Fluctuating Façade of Feminism

My mother doesn’t let go of an occasion to amaze me. And fittingly so, she did that this weekend, where she said that she is not a ‘Feminist’ anymore. I did not know how to react. Coincidentally, a few days ago, a theorist friend of mine also said the same. Even though, her belief wasContinue reading “Fluctuating Façade of Feminism”

Chronicles of Baby-Making Defeat

The pain has been immense last six years. Lost a beautiful pregnancy to unknown causes, where now I suspect chromosomal abnormalities. But there was no fetal testing. So, I won’t ever know. I just know it was a boy. I still keep the two pictures from the sonograms despite trying to shred them many timesContinue reading “Chronicles of Baby-Making Defeat”

What a Shame

I stumbled upon the LCPS Action Plan to Combat Systemic Racism dated June 23, 2020. The ‘LCPS Action Plans to Combat Systemic Racism’ have been laid out in 29 slides with key goals being, Academic Progress, Access and Opportunity, Relationships and Culture, and Closing Gaps. While I understand the intent of eliminating racial inequity spawned from deplorableContinue reading “What a Shame”

Dear Barkha – Write for Yourself

This is an overdue retort to the September 11, 2020 at 7:07 p.m. EDT in the Washington Post – Rhea Chakraborty’s saga is a lesson in how India loves to hate women. I’ve personally admired you since dreaming of being journalist myself but could not, because my parents and I were not as insatiable asContinue reading “Dear Barkha – Write for Yourself”

Misguided Ideologies in School System?

I was dismayed and dejected at a story that a friend’s child told me recently. Having emigrated from India at the tender age of five, it was an adjustment of kinds with the ethos, dialectal, new syllabus and pedagogy. The parents worked hard to give their child a respectable learning experience along with making itContinue reading “Misguided Ideologies in School System?”