You belong to me

Everything welcomes me Skies invite to a wassail Flowers approve our conjugal encore Because, you belong to me Babble of infants seems music Creaking of wood becomes harmonious Mom’s reprimands sound like melody Because you belong to me Dreams of childhood conjure Womanhood seems alluring Growing old with you enchants Because, you belong to meContinue reading “You belong to me”


Sonu Nigam’s Tribute (English Translation) A superior pearl in undivided India’s art soiree; whose vocal cords reverberate the entire world; whose supreme voice rules the Universe; whose intelligence and prominence is unparallel BELOVED SONU NIGAM The emperor of Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa With fragrance of divine incarnation And splendor that exudes brightness His beauty,Continue reading “GOLDEN TRIBUTE WITH GOLDEN GARLAND OF WORDS”

Our best is yet to come!

What a wonderful thought To know what lies ahead  Is more beautiful than our today When there is nothing certain It’s sheer bliss to be together Whiling that wait away! There are galaxies we’ve not seen And dreams haven’t dreamed The yearning for the first like kiss Beyond yonder that makes amiss It’s not theContinue reading “Our best is yet to come!”