About Me

When I was in my mom’s womb, she knew it would be a girl and that she would name me, Aparna. At 14 months when I not just walked but blabbed three languages, Telugu, Urdu and English, she knew couldn’t handle me. My dad, is my first English teacher and the best. Second close was my 6th grade teacher, Late Ms. Badar. Then there were so many that helped especially my tenth grade teacher, Ms. Aileen Gay. Today, I proudly carry their legacy.

My parents, Dr. Banda and Mr. Kadari are amazing parents and my mother still continues to be. I just haven’t learned to speak about my dad, my dear Bapu in past tense. There’s never been closure. His soul and his body disappeared like an unsolved puzzle. I am glad that he was there to proof-read my first and second anthologies of poems, Tall Towers and Indian Seranade.

My mother especially taught me to be strong. I was always the recipient of unknown hatred at a very young age. When I used to cry, “why me”, she taught me to revolutionize it in my head as “why not me”. Because of that, I am what I am today. FEARLESS. In all of this, she ended up being my ‘kryptonite’.

For lack of better term, she is like my child. I feel proud to be raising a parent. My husband, Ram is as mysterious as my poems. But is a part of what I’m hoping would be a sincere success, “Done at #61 – My arranged marriage, deranged tales” – a biography of my arranged marriage journey which was not just turbulent but humorous in some ways and enlightening. In between, I wrote Serendipity for being in love with the most handsome and kind man on earth and Sovereignty, poems about grit and grace.

My every day goal is not to be perfect at anything but to be a good human being, make a difference in the lives of people around me and to be a worthy servant leader. I turn all criticism to tangible feedback, all hurt into poetry and all negative vibes into energy to clean my house (don’t laugh, it’s true). I still carry some deliberate grudge and anger but never at someone. It’s all here for anyone who read this blog to judge.

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One thought on “About Me

  1. Amma! Grace I could know about your mother & your goodselves. Gratitude to Sri Rajasekhara Reddy Garu.

    Love for language made me search for your blog. I am a Monk, student of language & spirituality.

    Currently serving my mother, who is home alone, after father’s demise. Will slowly read your books for learning the emotions & their expression in language.

    Sincerely, Upendra.


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