Mera Bharat – Day 1 Note

What a humbling experience it has been traveling for pleasure this time after 21 years; 13+ if I were to count the week in between when my only job was to attend to my father in the hospital and help Amma.

Ram and Amma were nearly petrified on how I would re-adapt but I stunned them by being the girl who never left in the first place. The US does spoil you and I could see those stark differences clearly.

I created garbage, more in a day than Amma did in three months. If you ever wondered how a country with 1.42 billion survives without landfill problems, because it doesn’t have people like me!

I thought I’d freak out with the changes but it felt just the same. More traffic but no incidents on the road like when I used to drive. Perhaps, the city sent people like me overseas so they can live in peace.

Last but not least, our driver is not one in the sense I knew about, at least until now. He is a self-employed, rising business tycoon who wowed us endlessly with his resourcefulness.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Day-1 except for the jet lag kicking my butt at 8pm IST despite fighting it for the better part of the arrival and the morning.

Who cares about generational trauma or abuse if only I knew before how to have fun and live on my own terms. Now that I do, I look forward to many stand-ups that are in store for me. Maybe an alternate career is in the works for real this time


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