Meet Cute – A Fervent Review

This is a biased review. It better be because it is worth it. For a budding story teller, especially when they are so good, words of wow must be put out there. I am a little disappointed at myself for not standing on rooftops screaming how fulfilling watching the five segments of Meet Cute, “an amusing or charming first encounter between two characters that leads to the development of a romantic relationship between them.”

Although, not all series evolve into a romantic relationship, all of them are such heartfelt stories that each and everyone can relate to. Because in regular cinema we have the best of the actors catering commercial, formula based, and hours together long reels parlaying to everlasting and award-winning impressions. But Meet-Cute was beyond all of that for me as it captured basic emotions that are often forgotten, deep inside our psyche awaiting to be dug out by triggers, and in some cases untold and incomplete affections.

Each character has been carefully etched to persist, their dialogues and attire adding to the intricacies of that frame, while making a not it not-so-novice directorial endeavor. I can say that Meet Cute for sure helped me survive a Tridemic and no one perhaps can understand the gratitude that comes with a relief in trying times.

Thanks to the Director, Deepthi Ganta, who I’ve come to being friends, not because she is thespian Nani’s sister or because I’ve known her husband even before I met her, I was witness to the most beautiful labor of love. This review comes with a deep admiration that creativity is limitless. And especially when it comes from someone who’s sole goal is to make good content. Meet Cute, I hope is just the beginning for many such that will be part the archives that future generations would cherish.

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