Adieu 2022

At every end of year for many years now, I’ve been posting my accomplishments, high points, how I beat odds and so many things I am generally proud of. On one side I experienced most success in my professional and media life but on the other side I lost so many dear ones that I hate to call it any sort of balance in life.

Yet, there was so much growing up and I must admit I am scared going into 2023. I’d be a fool if I didn’t join the wagon of hope of health, happiness and cheer that everyone is looking forward to. There are so many new life lessons this year than any in my entire life – One for each month.

January: It is fair enough to get rid of those that have abused my softness. Sometimes burning the bridges that lead to nowhere is a worthy sacrifice.

February: Communication is less critical than comprehension. In any relationship I can communicate all I want but if the person receiving it doesn’t understand, good words don’t matter.

March: Pursuit of mental sanity lies with safeguarding my own at any cost. It is not my job to keep peace with those that have created havoc in my life.

April: Love those that you can today. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and neither is their presence.

May: Showing vulnerability is a sign of immense sense. I am proud of showing emotions and wearing my heart on my sleeve.

June: Curtailing the urge to chase those that don’t have a place for me in their life. It was a relief walking away from being someone’s second priority. It is their loss.

July: Giving chances to those that hurt me is wrong. What they deserve is less access to my inner space.

August: I don’t let anyone invalidate my current because of my past. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Circumstances transform people. I have too.

September: People will always state opinions as they perceive me. My power lies in not making their perception a reality. They are entitled to theirs and I, mine.

October: No matter how small the step is, I have vowed to keep moving forward as long as it is right direction in the journey I have embarked on.

November: I make it a point to reflect on the pain, both physical and mental so I can see how much I’ve healed. Forgiving starts with self. Rest doesn’t matter.

December: Celebrating my strengths before successes. No one knows the tears I’ve shed or battles I fight. Every challenge has led to what I’ve become today.

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InfoSec Director|WIT Mentor-Protege Vice Chair|ATA Convention Women's Forum Chair|Published Poet

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