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My objective in life, is to serve. Many may feel this is cliched but I am because of the countless people who did exactly that – to be of use to community and people like me that needed help. When I got such a chance at the 17th American Telugu Association Convention and Youth Conference July 1-3, I was skeptical because I always thought I was a cultural, linguistic, and traditional misfit. Infact I felt like I was stepping back into deep rebellious dogma that I chose to ignore for 22 years ago.

But I proved myself wrong and it has been one of the best feelings. What’s such experience without life lessons and ‘aha’ moments. Here is how I arrived at this gloat post contributing to Women’s Forum as Chair, Business Forum as moderator for ‘Women in Business Leadership’, supporting Senior Citizens medical panel discussion, being a scrum master for core team ceremonies, helping those with writer’s block, along with being a point person for two special guests from overseas, and any role that the leadership team thought I could fulfill.

✳️ By being prepared for chaos and snafu of all original plans. My ability to contingency plan has become A+
✳️ Even though some had their doubts about my execution skills being ‘new’ to cultural organizations, I was able to assure naysayers with poise, groundwork and a great team.
✳️ Thanks to a special guest that felt our programs and participants were not worth their time, I used that to do my first full length impromptu stand-up and it was so well received. 🔮 Please do watch my blog for a momentous roast on this particular experience — Write-up coming shortly.
✳️ Taking my authentic self to wherever I went gave me a chance to gain goodwill and build a solid network
✳️ Through Srividya Reddy Suma Reddy Ranapratap Chegu Veena Gundavelli Padma Putrevu Deepika Boojala Laxmi Prashanthi Muthyala SPC5 Preethi Munagapati Sunitha Allugubelli, I learned that true celebrities are those that lead by Ebullience, Empathy and Example!!

When I look back it feels like I overcame mammoth blockers that required situational leadership, diplomacy, certain native knack with lot of room for self-improvement dealing with personalities more than people especially when stature and seniority takes priority. But what is success if I didn’t have these hiccups, fail forward moments and the making of remarkable memories along the way?!? “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” – Molière.

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