Will you love me the same?

I was young
Didn’t know anything well
Pretending that I was fine
When existence was hell!

Life happened
And you moved away
If I begged you to be back
Would you please stay?

Memories faded
But I could never forget
Who knew it’d hurt
That I wished we never met!

Those smiles are gone
Yet my yearning is very high
I’m tired and need a home
Are you ever going to come by?

It may be worthless
To risk it all for me
Hope I meant something
Even if it wasn’t meant to be

Heart is dumb
Desires are more lame
If my soul hasn’t changed
Will you love me the same?

2 thoughts on “Will you love me the same?

  1. By reading all the writings of yours
    i felt the same way when i heard to my friends story
    And one more thing to say, Her name has the same surname as yours kadari. Her full name is varsha kadari…


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