12th Death Anniversary

My dad was my first teacher. He spent all his life helping his extended family members. I don’t resent it. Perhaps, that was what contributed to my mother and I become the women we are. I don’t ever wish the troubles my dad went through in his life on any one. Even more I don’t wish the abuse of his corpse even for my enemies. The same people who he supported betrayed him in his after life. Nevertheless, I am grateful for my existence because of him (and my mom), the wonderful times, the emotional rollercoasters, our disagreements and debates, and the legacy he passed down to me.

Commemorating Teachers’ Day on September 5th (in India) and his 12th death anniversary, I want to share 12 things he taught me.
1. Never regret making decisions
2. Diplomacy should be one’s middle name
3. Confrontational skills are key for survival
4. Never discredit your instinct
5. Don’t hurt others and don’t let others hurt you
6. Money can ruin relationships
7. Health is wealth
8. Focus on character not reputation
9. Practice what you preach
10. Silence is the best weapon with fools
11. Make sensible boundaries in relationships
12. Secrets must die with us

Few words to all those who go through a lot in life and fail to overcome or sublimate — I hope you try and find your calling. Those who worry about perceptions, trust me when I say, they don’t matter. And for those who have no problem writing regardless of what people might think, more power to you. I got my poetic fervour from my mom but the writing is my dad. And, because of him I’ll never stop doing what I do best. Rest is in your mind.

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InfoSec Director|WIT Mentor-Protege Vice Chair|ATA Convention Women's Forum Chair|Published Poet

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