Serene Sovereignty

Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night (not for profit use)

From Shalini Bhagat to Barkha Dutt and many more generous essayists have gone on volubly ire about how it is unfair to some breathing, linked with Sushant Singh Rajput being put through media trial and how people in India and around the world have taken a voyage of agitation in support of what they believe is a cold-blooded massacre. The choice of words that were used to define the enthusiasts of SSR, as he was affectionately called was abysmal. Yet, the ‘upright’ editors elected to print what will remain in the pages of history as case studies of journalistic bigotry.

Despite the sentiment hammering nature of this very case, people like me and millions others that are not just emotional suckers but connoisseurs of their own panache, who never were SSR buffs, that chose to devote a part of life to fight against the unwarranted ways that political hoodlums and constabularies were handling the case. Worst of it all, was when he was pronounced to have died of suicide at the scene deprived of any thought or exploration. And to add to the many spectacles, the time of death mottled ubiquitously except in the post-mortem report.

Just like hoes on an abandoned sward, buccaneers started marking their territories and showing their swag. Most with virtuous determination and serving to the cause became cursory glue to the separations being caused rumors, fictional tales, and superfluous theatrics. At one point, the murder investigation abstracted to drugs, detentions based on pitiable, implausible reasons. Elsewhere, there were endorsements made to those that are squandering menace to society, merriments in honor of distinguished felons, and abuse of power.

Those not living in the bedlam of the leading democracy of the world, despite being condensed to Twitter rebellion have generated magnanimous awareness that can bring down monarchies, illustrated sensibilities against the atrocities carried by worthless regimes, and most of all the canard of show business. The ‘warriors’ continue to leave no stone unturned for ground protests. Amidst the annoyance of those trading hope, harvesting publicity for their benefit, and injudicious dogmata, those with higher emotional and intelligence quotient remain to fight this arduous mêlée in quest of justice. And with abiding conviction in the justice organizations that are supposed to serve selflessly.

It has been 6 months since the ill-fated and premature death of SSR. Patience is running out for those that are devolved in it. Hundreds of hashtags, innumerous letters of appeal written to the PMO, uncooperative popular media, thousands of agitations around the world – still no word of headway besides a status or a comment from the probing agency. Makes us wonder, if the delay is premeditated or encompassing national conspiracy. How are some exclusively able to make preposterous proclamations of his life and death while others have superannuated into the dullness of their irrational life?

If the frontrunners of the republic resort to decorous silence, perhaps assuming that the problems presented will sail away on their own – they are wrong. As Frederick Douglass said fittingly, “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” If any time is right, it is now. It is time that the behests of those who want to extinguish civilizations in the name of egalitarian principles are curtailed. It is time to let SSR rest in heaven or bring him back to life in a parallel universe. It is time that injustice is precluded to quiver the pillars of the blues, and reinstate sovereignty of generations, the way they are meant to be.

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