Adieu 2020!

I could go on about how 2020 didn’t make my favorite list but it did in many ways. It was not a bad year after all with simple yet meaningful accomplishments to gloat.

Grateful that I see the sunrise every morning, free of major illness or physical / mental constraints.

Indebted for my amazing family. A mother who never considers me a grown-up and a husband whose companionship I couldn’t do without.

Pleased for the savings from a year free of amazon purchases and frivolous spending.

I almost learned to forgive but realized that some cannot be forgiven. So the struggle continues and it still feels okay.

Honored to have a job and my ability to add value at work mostly to the people I work with. And thank God, my teams love me and my bosses tolerate me most.

In awe of my friends who never left my side in adversity and new friends who fueled the fire in my belly.

Still appreciative of those who got off my wagon because of political, religious and creative differences.

Realized power naps are a sham because mine are no shorter than three hours. I’ve learned to slow down and it feels great.

Blocked all negativity and recklessness so I can focus on my OCD which seems like a virtue that I should be proud of.

It was gut wrenching losing loved ones but it also meant that their legacy is now in my responsibility.

Reconnected with childhood memories and stopped chasing incomplete relationships. May be the latter weren’t meant to be for a reason.

I finally stopped seeing sense in agonizing on ‘Why me?’ It was an awakening that I am special and built for ‘Why not me? It could be worse.’

Standing my ground on the causes I’m dedicated to, including a new age revolution despite being trolled, rebuked and kicked out of groups was worth every ounce of my energy.

I found my calling. There is no greater gratification than to serve those in need. To share what I’ve learned and just being there.

To continue writing for myself although some wish that my endings were more dramatic and rather true. Well, I won’t stop their wishful thinking. Because, my 500k social media impressions don’t seem to.

It was all about feeling beautiful in my melasma, being true to myself and embracing my flaws. A little over-confidence doesn’t hurt.

Figured out the math in doing everything in moderation and saving myself from all kinds of emotional, spiritual and physical fatigue.

TMI but I can’t stop admiring my butt these days. I am extremely proud of my fitness regime since lockdown. That is 85k floors, 806 miles, healthy neurons and counting…

Adieu 2020, you could’ve been worse. Thank you to all that helped me through!

Happy New Year!!

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Published by Quotidian Blessing

InfoSec Director|WIT Mentor-Protege Vice Chair|ATA Convention Women's Forum Chair|Published Poet

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