‘Celebratory Rose Mallow Lei’

To our dearest Suhas, Supriya, on the event of your marriage celebration, Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 on this auspicious morning at 10:14am, with love and affection, adoration and warmth; A tribute in the form of this poetry melody.


In this generational legacy treasure, epitomized and decked
The ‘Avaduta’ illustrious progeny in their embellished eminence
Distinguished ‘Ramaiah’, ‘Yelamma’ the foremost blessed couple
Bejeweled the ‘lingam’ and ‘vibhuti’ ash swathed in sunrays

Celebrated in the hamlet streets, with care from landlords
Resided in Village ‘Rebarti’, the victorious and wealthy ‘Ramaiah’
Came the eye-candy, fruit of his loins, ‘Mallaiah’ the worthy descendant
Along with ‘Venkatalakshmi’, made five diamond-like sons that gleamed bright

Their middle son, ‘Satyanarayana’ who brimmed with charisma
His compassion laden wife, ‘Kalavathi’, sanctified with goddesses ‘Lakshmi’, ‘Saraswathi’
In tenacity of marvels establishing the family of happiness and harmony
‘Anila’, ‘Surendra, Raghunandan, their humble, respectful brood

‘Krishna’, ‘Kavitha’, ‘Saraswati’ son, and daughters-in-law, righteous alike
Magnanimous treasures, ‘Anurag’, like the jasmine vine
Adeptness evolved ‘Rishi’, ‘Renuka’, ‘Padmavathi’, ‘Sainath’, in their astuteness
Riding the six wheels of perpetuation, is the noble chariot carter (Satyanarayana)

‘Surendra’, ‘Kavitha’s’ first born, ‘Suhas’ named with celestial verve
Cosmic emotional abundance, is the worthy ‘Supriya’, the liana
With toes pressed and fingers held, in the holy three knots, bonded for seven promises
Across the submerged seas, in western countries where they propitiously became one

‘Avaduta’s’ invitation, and ‘Pandeti’s’ wedding call
Heartfelt, soul captivating, ‘Vanajakshi’, ‘Shankara Raju’
Spreading adoration and rejuvenating drizzle with their affection
While blessings showered like pearls with grace of God

The sky as canopy, earth as platform
Blessings from the seven holy sages, a combination of harmonious ‘Kavitha’ (poem)
‘Vanajakshi’, ‘Chaandini’ exuded glee like ‘Holi’ (festival of colors)
Amongst the warmth of close friends, kith and kin

Affection of flowers, garlands, abundant shimmering wedlock festivities
From ‘Srinivas’ who resides in seven hilled treasures, come love filled blessings
Wishing you receive all in extravagance, completeness, lavishness
With desires, hopes from Aparna, Ram, Saroja’s, presenting
‘Celebratory Rose Mallow Lei’

Original Telugu Composition: Dr. Sarojana Banda
English Translation: Aparna Kadari

#Wedding #tribute #poetry @song

Published by Quotidian Blessing

InfoSec Director|WIT Mentor-Protege Vice Chair|ATA Convention Women's Forum Chair|Published Poet

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