What a Shame

I stumbled upon the LCPS Action Plan to Combat Systemic Racism dated June 23, 2020. The ‘LCPS Action Plans to Combat Systemic Racism’ have been laid out in 29 slides with key goals being, Academic Progress, Access and Opportunity, Relationships and Culture, and Closing Gaps. While I understand the intent of eliminating racial inequity spawned from deplorable events of history that we all have witnessed, I fear that it is going to lead to new bigotry. Building equity in opportunity, literacy and racial consciousness are revolutionary considerations that must be inculcated in the school system. But this accountability must not to lead to concession on quality and excellence of education.

By allowing for increased measures towards diversity of the applicant pool and the population of admitted students at the Academies of Loudoun, it may seem like eliminating racial consciousness and the disparity that exists today but what it is really translating to is, forcing the culturally irrelevant to imbibe a sense of insecurity and falsehood to their progeny. A lot of Asian parents predominantly will have a tough time clarifying to their children that despite meritocracy, skin-color will decide their destiny. It would also be increasingly difficult for South Asian parents to explain how their own brown skin is inferior compared to a certain other darker shade. On one side LCPS is talking about inclusion for minorities and on the other side they seems to be royally screwing a certain minority on the pretext of bringing equilibrium. If this is not a blueprint of oxymoron – what is?

Being a part of building a new tomorrow is an honor for anyone that is living here. Raising the bar in creating opportunities for the subjugated along with delivering socially receptive teaching is the right step towards a cognizant society. But is the intent here to taint the other young minds to discover a divide that they had never thought existed or surrender to their inherited misery? As adults, Asian American adults already suffer from many such insensitivities in their daily life despite making Loudoun County one of the richest counties in the world. And imagine the plight of Asian women – guess this is the way of LCPS starting ’em young – to be struggling for parity when they don’t even know what it means. Is this an indication to Asian Americans that their contributions are worthless in constructing an unbiased and superior community not just for them but also those that co-exist with them?

Some of the parents that have emigrated here from India have experienced the Reservation system. It is a similar affirmative action to what LCPS is doing to provide representation for historically and currently disadvantaged groups in Indian society in not just education, but also, employment, sports and politics. If this initiative establishes allocation for Asian Americans in contact Sports regardless of their physical stature, on rudimentary prerequisites or the conception of protagonists specific to the Asian American dispositions in Hollywood versus being originally American or deliberately voting Asian Americans to public offices based on their size – it might mean not as much of deferred discrimination than it is concluding to be.

LCPS is planning to collect data regarding racial incidents and eventually apologize for the history of operating segregated schools. It is a welcome gesture and while they are at it, they might as well prepare for the second phase of apologies that will escalate quickly. Per a recent data, it is said that every third person in the United States will be partially Asian American with the amount of inter-racial marriages. In fact, a potential Vice Presidential Candidate belongs to both the minorities. However it is still not clear on how one were to pick their affiliation. Fast forward to the future, think about the uncertainty is will create probably too late to even do damage control. Unless, all the Asian American parents want to elsewhere (may be to Finland) and take their progressive impacts to where merit matters.

And while the policy makers are at it, they might as well stand up psychological sanctuaries alongside Academies of Loudoun. Regardless of eradicating a certain injustice or creating a new, the future of the children who are put through incomprehensible dogmas is going to take a toll on their emotional well-being. Whether be those who are struggling to make it to the baseline or those that have been disqualified because of partisan principles – one thing is clear. They want history to repeat itself one way or the other. So they can pit brown against brown and pretend they had good intentions all along. What a shame!

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InfoSec Director|WIT Mentor-Protege Vice Chair|ATA Convention Women's Forum Chair|Published Poet

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