3-months without #SSR

It has been three months. That Sunday, 5am EST was outrageous and heart-wrenching in many ways comprehendible. There were pictures of our dear SSR, lifeless, and that were put on the web, tagged as suicide perhaps within minutes of his untimely and unnatural demise. Such was the power of PR machinery that they did not care for the departed, neither did they for the four sisters nor for the feeble 75-year old father. I raise an 80-year old and I am made well aware of her distress even when I have a paper-cut. There is no way anyone can imagine what that father must be going through knowing that his only son will never speak to him again.

I am not even family, friends or a fan of SSR. And despite being an insignificant person, I received so much animosity and reproach that I wondered when has it become such a crime to take sides. Patriarchy was accused of being prejudiced towards the B & Comrades supported underdog that it utterly ‘hogwashed’ the agony of the four sisters. And the distress quotes from a father whose both kids are animatedly garnering backing were boosted into glare of publicity while the less important father whose lad had departed got zilch. So strong was the propaganda debauchery that defamations, one after another were quickly spun like a spider hemming its mesh!

For people like me who are far away from home, it has been a disgraceful phase. Menagerie frontrunners keep showing up on the newsflash with newfangled repugnant guiles whether be destroying dreams or deceptively incarcerating innocent presses or befuddling sentimentalities that come in the way of their fabricated prestige. It is not about political affiliation or support for those who have their own agenda, but it is purely a fight for tangible justice. It is appalling that the world’s largest democracy does not allow for reasonable sovereignty of communication. Denigration, perhaps would have been tolerable if a life was not lost without a reason. As I’ve always said, SSR may not have been perfect, but he is now gone and somehow millions of us creeps feel the need to epitomize his actuality.

Despite being ridiculed by those who don’t see sagacity in what ‘we’ are doing, no matter what the culmination might be, it would not be a squandered struggle. Because we would have made a concerted effort to decontaminate the shantytowns of treachery, nepotism, and misrepresentation. At least those of us who are beavering with this fanciful notion that justice will be served are able to cry ourselves to sleep. And if ‘we’ are ever confirmed immoral on the wrong side of antiquity, it will be a self-effacing admission that we were just ‘being human’.

#Flag4SSR #UnitedForSSRJustice #Warriors4SSR #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput

I wrote a long post about the paid PR gimmicks which I have been observing lately but decided to scrap it. Instead of talking about the case, I will reminisce about a couple of things. Since my wife and I don’t live in India, we used to catch up with Sushant over FaceTime or WhatsApp. […]

Three months since the unimaginable loss

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One thought on “3-months without #SSR

  1. Aparna, I really loved your post. I agree with you that it is bad that people take sides and some people who still think Sushant committed suicide will yell at the ones that believe that he was murdered. Yes, I said yell because I work as an associate at Tommy Hilfiger and last week I was yelled at by a Rhea and Bollywood supporter who believed that Sushant killed himself. I’m shocked that there are still people who believe that such a pure soul would kill himself or take drugs. Sushant was innocent and he didn’t deserve to have this happen to him. I’m proud to be a part of this amazing Global Movement for Justice. #Flag4SSR #UnitedForSSRJustice #Warriors4SSR #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput


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