Fangirl Jiffies for #SSR

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I must admit at the onset of this write-up that I am very ashamed of having immeasurable fangirl jiffies for SSR especially after his demise. Because, I never thought that what people called mediocrity of acting would be cut short as I was used to seeing it in such mundane affection. That guy had become the voice in my head and for some of you, who perhaps are not used to crises, it might come across as insanity. Well, we all can now agree to disagree. Let’s round this up towards something that is jaundiced yet commonsensical.

It can happen to anyone. It could happen to the best and the most beautiful minds. Never repudiated that. The unsophisticated like me are merely saying that this is not the right case to push that proposition. It was reported everywhere SSR had anxiety and we all do. He is not special. Whether that led to ‘depression’ or ‘bipolar’ seems to be a matter of controversy because could be ecological or genetics. ‘We’ feel that thrusting of unnecessary events was created to make it look like suicide.

She can do no wrong. All is we need a one truth. Because as guardians of the ecosphere, women have instinctive uprightness to do the right thing. I am sure ‘Bebu’ would love to have these millions of hullabaloos in her favor. But she must come forward as someone who was so close to SSR to tell us what we don’t know – who is using her as a pawn (because she can do no wrong or is innocent until proven guilty). What really happened in between the ‘break-up’ and begging for CBI inquiry. And then, I swear, I will be folding my hands begging #SorryBebu.

Meritocracy is a matter of fluke especially in Bollywood. Those that’ve made through the crevices of its exclusive must’ve worked so hard in many ways unimaginable to a common mind. But who is to say that it doesn’t exist especially when there is strong petitioning of talent to one’s own by grabbing it away from an industry pariah. Those that rivet must be thick skinned. This humble soul was not. There are many more.

Hats off to Lakshmi Manchu, Tapsee Pannu, Vidya Balan, Shibani Dandekar for coming in support of ‘Bebu’. Just like some of other underprivileged have braced for Singh sisters. How can anyone of us forget how accepting we have been when Ms. Fake Accent eloped (not that it is wrong) with her boyfriend in her 12th grade or having D-parties that almost took a famous star’s kidney out – and yet we said, “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future”, the magnanimous cheering for Ms. Taapsee and Ms. Balan when they were nobody and Ms. Dandedkar, ‘forgive us, we are not a thorough-bred like you’. Collectively, you are the few that can wheedle ‘Bebu’ to spittle the missing links.  

Since Argo has become a National dog for those who hate this crusade, the drug-angle has led this pitiless manslaughter in a diverse path, evidence has been fiddled, Maha-constabularies have been compromised, the family has been emotionally slayed, and we just hope that all this preposterous bedlam leads to convinced justice. That alone is capable of bringing back confidence in humanity atleast to those who feel is lost, on the judicial system and meaning to those who want their beloved SSR rest in peace. As I’ve always said, I have lost my goddamn mind for the whole enchilada that is evocative around me besides this. So kindly forgive me for my nerve – I am incompetent of undertaking anything ostentatious at this time.

#SushantSinghRajput #JusticeforSushantSinghRajput #Warriors4SSR #Flag4SSR #cantgagSSRcoverage

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