People like me are entitled to follow our heart in who / what we support, just like those who are speculating otherwise for lack of any better knowledge. Here is my subjectivity – feel free to repudiate in your own heads – because you are empowered to.

1. Let’s all agree it is a premeditated murder: No one in this world, depressed or not, sick or not, doesn’t go through the herculean task of injuring self, and then finding a way to slant-hang themselves. Neither, go through the ritual of drinking water or pomegranate juice of whatever was mentioned when this all started. It is not that they will remain hungry in after life.

2. Sushant was not perfect but deserves a dignified farewell: Everyone in this damn world looks for validation and sense of belongness somewhere or the other. May be he got himself into something he later regretted and may be he wanted out. May be he was a sentimental fool trusting people he shouldn’t have. While the sleuths are working his case, aren’t we allowed to have our own biases. Aren’t people blaming the family and building conspiracy theories?

3. How did #1 accused get access to the Mortuary? Nowhere I have read that a family member was given the access to visit him in the mortuary. How is #1 so special? I am sure saying “Sorry Babu” was the most heartfelt condolence but why was the family not given the chance to say their sorry. Oh! I forgot they are just a middle-class family with no backing from the who’s who of Spheniscidea-land!!! My apologies here.

4. Come clean if you have nothing to hide: The #1 to #n accused that’ve lived and shared resources with Sushant should come clean if they have nothing to hide. Why create a sense of false corroboration and mislead investigations. And I am saying this because of reports of people reporting into Day 4 of lengthy questioning. Is it not easy to blurt out the truth? Many have said so much that the family is fishy. Yeah, so? Every family has their own. Don’t tell me your families are epitome of limpidness. If you are, you must be Godly – not of flesh and blood.

5. If not now, never: Those who have driven this towards trepidations of baleful matters, those that admired him, lost him. No matter what, we ain’t getting him back. But if we don’t fight for a tangible closure, there will be many more Sushant. While I don’t represent the family, the people representing the family or Sushant, I am impulsive, impractical, immature, and a dunderhead for this undisputable insurgence – whether anyone supports me or not.


The last blog I wrote received a lot of positive response. However, an extremely small minority complained about bias in my writing. I am writing a quick response to that. Before I respond to the critics, I want to thank the supporters and warriors for supporting the family and Sushant all along. I have made […]

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3 thoughts on “#IamSushant

  1. Great post. I have no words to express my sorrow on Sushant lost, I used to watch his show Pavitra rishta with my late mom every night. My late mom used to love his acting in the character of MANAV. No one can fit in Manav role as Sushant. He always be remember as a Greatest HERO with genuine heart and great smile on face.
    His death news indeed painful and unbelievable.

    I am eagerly waiting to see RHEA behind bar. I feel painful to see that how Sushant surrounded by manipulative people.

    God sees everything , he will give justice to Sushant soul.
    My deepest condolence to Sushant family.


  2. What happened with Sushant is really tragic, and I hope that his family will be able to get justice and closure. However, what the media (and sadly the family) is doing is really appalling. Firstly, Rhea is the prime “suspect” in the case, not the prime “accused”. If she were accused, she would be in custody by now. Secondly, even if she is guilty, the law should decide that, not the media. No matter what she did, her family doesn’t deserve the kind of hell the Indian media and population is putting them through. Who are we to do that?


    1. Thanks for correcting accused versus suspect. I merely went with the English definition. It is indeed sad that the family is also being slandered. Who are we — you are right.


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