In the defense of the family

We cannot imagine what the family must be going through. All I know is humanity is divided and your supporters are being morally lynched. I’ve personally never experienced so much hate for supporting the four Singh sisters versus supporting one main accused. I always thought it wasn’t an oligarchic society. But having been kicked out of a women organization this afternoon for supporting #SSR and not supporting the #1 accused where I merely advocated that she is guilty until proven innocent. All those that are on wrong side of my history have proven that they indeed have created an oligarchic society. I am not sure why it feels so personal. Not sure why there is deafening silence awaiting justice. Not sure why it feels that if not for this nothing else matters. Never felt so sure taking sides. But we are here, trying to be your voice of reason. SSR may not have been a perfect human, but this is where we atleast give him basic dignity.

Disclaimer: Whatever I write below is my personal analysis, supported by conversations with family members and information in the public domain. Sushant did not speak to me about any of these topics on a 1:1 basis. Another workweek comes to an end for me and I get a breather to write what many have been […]

In the defense of the family

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