Dil Bechara – A personal tribute

Not a single day went by since June 14th, wondering what would have happened in that beautiful mind. With the uproar going on, some seem sincerely trying to get to the bottom of what must’ve transpired to some cashing out on opportunity. But what must’ve been a remarkable movie to his fans; a middling one for those who are unbiased and a cheap love story to his hecklers has now become a remembrance of sorts. For the first and second categories, watching him for the last time is a goodbye tribute. This is not a movie critique but an aching elegy to someone who often lived in my living room while I cooked, cleaned, studied and worked.
Dil Bechara, made me sob constantly and continuously. Everyone from Sahil Vaid (JP), a quintessence of friendship that everyone in their lives must have, Saswata Chatterjee and Swastika Mukherjee (Mr and Mrs. Basu), the bravest of parents of most terminally ill young adults, Sunit Tandon (Dr. Jha), the very personable and empathetic doctor that we don’t find often these days, Sanjana Sanghi (Kizie Basu), a promising new face and last but not least, Saif Ali Khan (Abhimanyu Veer) for being so infuriating – all of your acting dexterity is nothing less than brilliance. If Manny (Sushant Singh Rajput) were alive, I’d probably write the same while carping on him that his acting was too close to realism that is was becoming difficult to breathe. What is he trying to become, Marlon Brando?
The movie is now a hard-hitting actuality. I am personally at peace knowing that Manny is in a better place. That we don’t have to see ‘outsider’ movies anymore. And that those who felt threatened don’t have to see him smile ever again. His family doesn’t have to live in the relentless muddle on what might happen to him next minute. All commiserations have been suitably accomplished by the arrangement of an ultimate parting in both reel and real life. While those who refuse to accept this truth, shall keep convoluting life for themselves and those around them with a distressing, what if? Perchance they will give up in 50 or 100 days, but I am sure he will be forgotten. After all, the show never stops.
Trigger Warning:
Whether it happened with Sushant’s wish or against his – those that’ve loved him have lost him. And those that are fighting to know the truth are against all odds. Perhaps, there is nothing left to see. Right from seeing a ‘corpse’ in fetal position to devious transference to unsanctioned individuals tinkering evidence and running with it – it’s all over. Based on my personal yet brief experiences with these partisans of supremacy, I know that those besieged never come out alive. Nepotism or not, it is a dogmatic society we live in. And everyone who is screaming blood at his sisters and friends (pretend and otherwise), might as well see the lucidity in losing ground and converge on palpable matters like shielding their kin, giving precedence to psychological and physical strength and ensuring that their overall veracity is not negotiated. It is perhaps, the only hope for millions of fools like me who need closure that the most privileged moves mountains. Until then, I will live to see numerous thoughtless who are neither letting him live nor die in peace.
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