Illicit Relationship

Note: Thanks for the unusual traffic to my blog post. Kindly garner patience to read till the very end. If you want to give up half way, please don’t read. Definitely not when you’re drunk or have a story you want to believe already in your mind. Life is great and I’m happily married. This is a social message oriented post. Don’t wish otherwise. Inanimate objects have been addressed as humans for writer’s effect. It is not meant to hurt or represent anyone. Jeez….chill people. It’s all good!!!


Social isolation unraveled some skeletons in my life. I did not think it was possible. The nicest, sweetest husband of mine, a human being with who, no one ever could find fault with has been, not sure for how long cheating under my nose, and in the same home we share. And I don’t know how blissfully ignorant I was all this while, thinking all is hunky dory in our marriage. After I got suspicious over certain behaviors, I started using my world class stalker scent to track my husband’s every activity.

First he would never part with his phone no matter where he went. When we watch a movie or visits to the bathroom, kitchen, while we eat; that phone went everywhere. He probably knew I’d snoop around if he kept it some place available. The one time, I laid my hands on it, he changed the password. I started noticing the way he smiled at her, the way he would quickly type as soon as he received a message, how he would quietly sneak away for private time away from my prying eyes and how he’d chuckle at what I am thinking, are dumb jokes. I think this one time he accidentally even called me by her name. It became too much to handle as she even came to bed with us, literally!

When I first got married, I was a football widow. It was so tough not receiving his affection that I got myself married to football. When I thought that was a horrible thing for a new bride to go through, his friends told me he was in a serious relationship with some guy and he’d spend time away from any world interaction. Since I was very open minded, I just brushed it off as a progressive relationship that may not have had any meaning as he married me.

One thing really hurt me at this huge convention I went to last year. A very affluent speaker or so they said, started accusing the audience, mostly women of being irresponsible and not knowing what the husbands are upto. Perhaps she was Nostradamus to have predicted the turmoil we face this age and time. But, I thought to myself, not everyone must be that. Never understood a word after she’d gone at length to call the women who were attentively listening to her calling them characterless in all permutations and combinations.

Oh well, that’s that. Coming back to my situation, I am still shocked as what mine came to be. A dutiful wife, a decent cook, a devoted homemaker, and what not a husband would wish for in a wife. Makes me wonder how many of such relationships exist out there. And with this whole Coronavirus prevalent environment, I started hearing my that paramour’s name more than ever and that too from other people. Where was I, and what was I thinking. Apparently, she is the biggest gossip monger of the world.

How could a simply guy fall for a world renowned incarnation of falsehood? I couldnt piece it together. And slowly but surely, my friends started telling me about how their husbands are also involved with her, how she is able to keep them happy too and all at the same time. At this point in time, I had nothing else but to probe. I was shocked at what I found. This woman is nothing but sheer destruction, a very uneducated but manipulative person. Claims to have doctorates in many fields but truly is a high school drop out. I am sad, heart-broken and envious in many ways, that my husband loves her more and could’ve loved that ‘guy’ even more (bromance perhaps).

For all those that are hoping that this is some kind of a thrill or a story I made up – it is not. It is a true story and I’m glad I could write about it for myself and on behalf of so many women who are suffering from these ‘illicit’ relationships. In some cases, I heard many women were involved too. I am glad that I am able to shed light on the darkest reasons in progressive lives that otherwise wouldn’t become obvious. WhatsApp and Thor, I hate you and extremely jealous of you two for having my husband more than I ever would. (How could I forget fB – not sure if it is he or she). They continue to be the third-wheel in marriages and relationships!

(For those that were hoping for a different ending, I’ll work harder next time.)

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4 thoughts on “Illicit Relationship

  1. It takes ALOT of courage to write a post like this Aparna, so kudos to you. I am hoping and know that you will get past this difficult time, even stronger and wiser than you already are.


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