Rendezvous with Deepika Padukone

I was not a fan. Not that I am now. But what amazing hosts Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh were. This was the most guarded secret of my life; having celebrities in first degree of separation. Because no one would believe me anyway. I’ve always heard them to be very plastic, some feel that they are annoying with their PDA, their acting skills are pathetic despite winning some insignificant awards and even one airport personnel that takes care of VIPs said they were not into each other and always on the phone.

Well, I used to read all the gossip columns and wonder what do these people actually know about the real humans they are. Not as actors on Cinema or pictures on Twitter or Instagram. I was floored by their down to earth attitude and hospitality. I was never this close to anything that spelled celebrity. The gaudy, goofy Ranveer Singh is like boy next door besotted by Deepika Padukone. She is however skinnier and more chiseled than what is in the media.

In this rendezvous, Deepika picked me up at the airport and immediately complimented how fine a poet I’ve become since she first met me twelve years ago. It was the best compliment. The ride to their place through the Mumbai traffic was gruelling but I had sparkle in my eyes all the time. I was sitting next to ‘the’ Deepika Padukone! I told her she lost weight and she threw out her contagious laugh at me.

Her place was different than I remembered. Perhaps, the energetic Raveer moved in with her after their wedding and must’ve added vibrant colors to the otherwise earth pastels loving Deepika. It seemed he added chaos to her simplicity. The most surprising part was that he made food for us. I thought they’d have a cook or something being the big shots they are, but I learned they make their own meals whenever they have time from shoots.

What a nice evening. Lot of laughter, chit chat, many curiosities of mine answered, talked about the good work of ‘The Live Life Laugh Foundation’, how ‘Death by Chocolate’ was truly a fan-girl moment for her with Hritik Roshan, how her sister Anisha Pandukone, is the real Padukone who is a star golfer similar to her father, and that she bailed on Badminton to pursue acting. I sat there wondering how on earth I got fortunate to be so close to them and if anyone would ever believe one of the best evenings of my life especially when there were no pictures or selfies taken. It was indeed a memory that was etched in our minds. The alarm rang.

(Picture Credit: Pininterst)

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