IWD 2017

It was just alright for me with the inpouring of messages for Happy International Women’s Day until I poked into a chauvinist’s mind and asked him when Happy International Men’s Day is, and the smart ass said ‘Feb 30th’. I seldom clench my fists. This time I not only wanted to clench my fists but also punch him through the very WhatsApp used for the communication.

Despite being a feminist and having an uber strong for a mother, I don’t agree with this dedication, neither does she by the way. Several of my colleagues tried to instill sense into me about considering this as a commemoration for womanhood and a celebration similar to a birthday. Yet, it felt wrong at many levels, because all I heard and felt was gender bias, sexism and inequality for dedicating one day.

I kept arguing with those who were willing to listen that every day is Women’s day. And if there must be a dedication for the essence of mankind, the power of the universe, the supremacy of being the mother of souls, it should be that of the creator. I do not want to be revered one day or just this day.

Just when I thought I had progressive humans around me, I get to hear about a friend being punched by her husband, another friend being harassed by in-laws (common themes), women being raped and killed (becoming more common), women passed on for promotions at work place (who cares), and how can I forget that I was bullied by one of my own relatives not too long ago. If I must be wished, I’d rather use this day not to yay for being a woman but to focus on real problems, to bring to light the many atrocities against women and smack those morons who undermine the value of a woman.

My mom, who fought for women’s rights in India and still does was irked how a local leader was going on and on about husbands treating their wives well today. How ‘sweet’ of him to infer that it is okay to ill-treat them other days. While it is not easy to talk about how women are treated across the globe, depict their struggles, fight for good cause, I refuse to participate in this one day of patronizing. If the intentions are true, I’d like to be wished Happy International Women’s day ever single day. And my sincere thanks to those men (and women) who did not wish me a Happy International Women’s Day yesterday for I’m assuming that you will make my every day a respected, thanked and blessed ‘Happy Women’s Day’.

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InfoSec Director|WIT Mentor-Protege Vice Chair|ATA Convention Women's Forum Chair|Published Poet

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