Sahoo – Reprise

I’ve criticized movies and actors alike not because I am a professional critic but as an avid goer I often exercise my right of expression. That doesn’t take away the fact that I am immensely attracted to grandeur behind the silver screen. And in due course fell in love with the characters and the faces alike. It wasn’t any general attraction to all the matinee idols but just two; Akshay Kumar and Prabhas Raju. While this is not about the former, there was immense guilt I was wallowing in after watching Sahoo (Telugu). I felt so let down that I couldn’t believe how someone I’ve adored (second closest to me in falling in love) in 16 of the 19 movies was part of the worst yet the third most expensive movie in the history of Telugu cinema (the first two are also his, as a matter of fact). At this point it had become absolutely personal. So, I watched Sahoo (Hindi) this time.
While you’ve seen my dismay in the Telugu review (my views are purely mine), I don’t think much of my opinion changed after the second innings. For those who felt like they were misguided, my apologies. Here is what I am able to write about my reprise, Sahoo – Hindi.
1. The actors fit so much better in regards to language and lip sync
2. There is magnificence in each set especially the songs. There might be cry for plagiarism but the backgrounds are a visual treat!
3. It is a complete video game blockbuster and a Gen Z movie
4. The songs are better in the Hindi version with English than in combination with Telugu
5. Story is still meh…where did Vennela Kishore disappear?
6. Direction is a fabulous first attempt for Sujeeth but still perfectly mediocre
7. Sreekar’s editing is tiresome
8. Defying laws of physics in stunts works once or twice but come on now…
9. For the sake of fangirls like myself (who cares), Darling must turn to simplistic cinema just like his real life
10. I’ll still give 2.5 out of 5 but 3.0 out of 5 for i·dée fixe Prabhas!

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