Saaho or Sahoo (Tolerate)

We were so happy walking into the hype. Although the theatre and seats brought some haunting memories of skeletons, skulls and maniacs (aka Spyder), we were willing to look beyond our mind’s imperfections. Alas, in the battle of #Saaho versus us, we bitterly lost. There was no continuity in the story or characters to the point that our friendship shook a little. The actors were truly a distasteful concoction of Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Mongolian, Russian, Polish, African, American, European and I don’t know who else. Locales and sets were fantastic. Songs were in English. I am sure when you make a tri-lingual all the songs should be in a different language. Flashes of Game of Thrones, KGF, Indiana Jones, Mission Impossible, Matrix were all liberally covered in this movie so you don’t miss anything at all. Shraddha is wasted along with other previously well-known actors. Director Sujith’s ddirection is immature. Now, they sure must be hiding somewhere for a low budget yet sensible movie to come along. Prabhas is finally overrated. But I will give this to him – his wig made me curious what the heck is he thinking, his face made me curious if he’s gotten too big for his own good or may is not really Bollywood ready, he lost a lot of weight post Bahubali, probably for an upcoming real life event or to fit into a dress (not sure). I will NOT suggest, I repeat, NOT suggest you ever watch this movie. If you do, it is at your own risk. If you end up liking it, then get well soon please. Until next time, the movie nerd in me is JINXED. #quotidianblessing

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