This one day I kept to myself
Engrossed in silence and thought
Assuming faith will restore my trust
Towards what we need in mankind
I wanted to uncover the secrets
That the world presents to me
To let my imagination run wild
So I can walk the path of progress
But I was left stumped all along
Because no words could define
Where empathy is weaponized
For personal gain and sentiment
The realization was burlesque
As I walked through trenchancy
The misery of feeling worthless
Losing hope that there is good
Gone are times where love stood
Not as a word but in true sense
A decision came with simplicity
Through distorted minds many
As weird as this place could be
Courage is for paragons like me
Not for those who create conflict
Gratitude is the value I stand for
Even in an uncivilized depreciation
Like someone great once said…
I will, “be the change you want to see”

Published by Quotidian Blessing

InfoSec Director|WIT Mentor-Protege Vice Chair|ATA Convention Women's Forum Chair|Published Poet

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