Wisdom Wednesday

Don’t take the liberty to ask about my faith, because I ain’t explaining. Ask me what I do for a living and I will tell you with pride.

Stop asking me why I’m sad in my poetry. Because you are only as good as what I post, go make someone happy that truly needs.

…and don’t probe into who the ‘he’ is in the poems. ‘He’ is very much with me but doesn’t read what I write or may be ‘he’ does. I write because it is a way for me to release stress.

Begging me to introduce my friends because you objectify them, won’t make you a resident on my friends list. I will kick you out. Too bad, some won’t even be able to read this!!

I will have a kid the way I want to and when I want to. Don’t advise me to put my feet up or feel the need to tell me how you had yours. Remember, it is mind your womb policy.

My brought up was perfectly average. Neither I am exhorbitant in my lifestyle nor I care repeating a dress. Please don’t rub your high society culture on me – I wont know how to appreciate.

I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past. I don’t care who’s who and what they’ve done. I own my own fearlessness and for your own good, don’t poke me.

I’ve changed over the years. I have an eidectic memory but don’t expect me to remember bullshit or behave the same as I did when you first knew me.

Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out. You take away my smile, I will avoid you like plague and broadcast your bullying widely. After all I am ABC!

I live my life on my own terms and walk the paths I desire. Your success stories can’t be mine and I can never be you. Enlighten me but don’t mistake me for desperate.

Published by Quotidian Blessing

InfoSec Director|WIT Mentor-Protege Vice Chair|ATA Convention Women's Forum Chair|Published Poet

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