We – the most powerful race on the planet
Yet, we lack the human enchantment
We travel to the moon and back
Yet, we fail to live together as a pack
We conquer the seas and oceans plenteous
Yet we not excude common sense

We – where no two look the same
Hope we realize where from we came
We live and learn at the same emotion
Hope that our sameness is a true notion
We are more into our diversity fervor
Hope some day, oneness is our only endeavor

One thought on “We

  1. Yes Aparna the most powerful emotions that corrupt the Human race are said to basically 6 as per Indian tradition.
    K2LM3 Kama – Lust, Krodha – Anger, Lobha – Greed, Moha – Infatuation, Mada – Arrogance, Matsarya – Jealous. Pursuit of Humanity is to transcend them.


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