Sonu Nigam’s Tribute (English Translation)

A superior pearl in undivided India’s art soiree; whose vocal cords reverberate the entire world; whose supreme voice rules the Universe; whose intelligence and prominence is unparallel


The emperor of Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa

With fragrance of divine incarnation

And splendor that exudes brightness

His beauty, humility, astuteness that eternally glows

The ray of hope to human kind

With distinctiveness of a paradisiacal bouquet to the world

To millions that throng for that alluring delight

He originates the festivities of blossom showers

The most precious jewel of Mother India’s choker

With untainted voice sanctification from Goddess Saraswati

And the opulence of Madhurima and Neevan

His deific echoes alike nectar cascades

The most adored, treasured dainty

With radiance that fills the cornea of our eyes

And lips that gloss the endearing smiles

His melodic that brace the waves of hearts

The pristine floret that dropped from bliss

With earth jubilating with paramount joy

And eclectic affection touching all mortals

He is the acme of boundless flowers

The image that is illuminated by tears of elation

With swaying forms subconsciously in a trance

And nirvana innate to the tributary of happiness

His enchantment leading to euphoria

The luminosities from his cosmos

With decor like a keg of prodigious potion

And his soul like the honey twines

This veneration from a lotus bud – Golden tribute with golden garland of words

Poet: Dr. Sarojana Banda (Telugu)

English Translation: Aparna Kadari

Published by Quotidian Blessing

InfoSec Director|WIT Mentor-Protege Vice Chair|ATA Convention Women's Forum Chair|Published Poet

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